Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well my other personal blog was getting taken up with so much Mercy Ministries discussion that I thought it would be best to start a separate blog to keep all of the Mercy Ministries information together. I will be bringing some of the older posts from the other blog over here as well.

For those who may be new readers, Mercy Ministries, an organization that claims to offer treatment for girls with mental illness and other disorders, was recently exposed in the media for its shady dealings. They advertise medical and psychiatric treatment for girls who have psychological disorders, eating disorders and those who are dealing with abuse. When the girls sign up for their so-called treatment, many former clients reported there were no psychologists, doctors or even qualified counselors on site. They also take in girls who are same sex attracted and show them "ex gay" videos to try and "cure" them.

Instead of the treatment Mercy Ministries advertised, they performed exorcisms on their mentally ill clients, and told them their disorders were signs of demons affecting them.

Despite their advertising materials claiming their service is free, in a lot of cases the girls' welfare payments were taken by the ministry.

I am simply outraged by the things these unscrupulous people are doing to society's most vulnerable.

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